WOOT! Side-project = COMPLETED!!!

Above are some examples of each style of alteration.

As mentioned previously, there are any number of variations on the above! Of those pictured, only the extension and borderless are DEFINITELY tournament-playable. Full and partial alters ARE NOT (generally speaking) because they obscure the original artwork. Technically the Klug-style alter pictured above is tournament-playable, but that is ONLY because the covered text is flavor text (Click here to see an unaltered Coral Merfolk). Sometimes a judge will allow a player to use a full or partial alter even though that’s technically against the rules.

In case I’ve thoroughly confused you, here are the basic rules for alters:

  1. Do not obstruct the name of the card, cost, power/toughness, or instructional text.
  2. Do not alter or block the original artwork.
  3. Do not add or detract from the card’s thickness or texture so as to “mark” it.
  4. When in doubt, ask a judge BEFORE the beginning of a match!

So there you go! Alteration styles as per me. :)

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